Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

 World Diabetes day

It was a wonderful productive day of awareness for World Diabetes day. Celebrating today at Ernguul Park, booths where set up there to provide screening, health tips, nutrition and dietary foods for better self-care along with vegetables plants you can take home to plant and grow.

Some people from the Belau National Hospital came to provide PT/amputation, diabetes checkup and a talk on tips for prevention and selfcare on diabetes giving advise on how to work toward a healthy life style.

The Taiwan Technical Mission Bureau of Agriculture presented many kinds of local fruits with information of what kind of health of nutrients you may get from them. They had also had plants you can take home like Chinese cabbage, kangkum and lettuce.

Katey’s Healing Garden advertised their detoxing drinks by having people sampling them to people and displaying some of their nutritional vegan products.

While informing about nutritional foods, the Nutrition booth provided menus with foods and their calorie intake as ideas for a healthy lifestyle menu and people lined up to get checked. The event was beautifully set up with balloons and water was provided with free bottles for everyone so no plastic was used.