Wed. Jul 24th, 2019

Workshop on UNTOC and other Protocols held

UN Office on Drugs and Crime representative Ms. Riika Puttonen held a workshop at Marine Law Conference Room at Malakal, Palau on November 19-20.

It   was attended by the Attorney General and representatives from Ministry of Justice from Bureau of Labor and Immigration, Presidents Executive Security, Financial Intelligence Unit, FIB, Narcotics Enforcement Agency, Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (BCBP), Anti Human Trafficking Office (AHTO), Senate Office rep, Auditors Office, Airport Police, reps from Ministry of Community Cultural Affairs and Ministry of State Office and other agencies.

The Republic is considering acceding to the UNTOC Convention and its protocols as the convention entails international cooperation and collaboration by member parties of UNTOC combating organized crime.

There are currently 189 members nations parties to UNTOC.

UNTOC addresses organized crime that may involve false medicines, cybernet on dark nets, organized crime on wildlife of rare protected species and including human trafficking and other organized crimes.

The workshop provided brief comprehensive review and on recognizing and understanding the articles of the UNTOC instrument and its applications in reference to types and ideas on organized crimes.

There were exchanges of    local and national experiences to understand the global impacts of organized crime and discussions on challenges and on benefits faced when there is    international efforts and cooperation in combating organized crime.  The workshop helped provide practicable applications on UNTOC convention that will help Palau’s needs on local and international level as it recognizes organized crime and its usage of UNTOC relevant to Palaus needs.

The workshop was made possible in collaboration between UNDOC Office and UNTOC focal point Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil and Ministry of State and Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs who are designated to oversight UN Conventions on Human Rights and related areas as set by the Presidents Executive Order 368 which set up the UN Conventions on Human Rights Committee to facilitate these areas.

The participants expressed refreshed insights to UNTOC instrument and felt more informed that it’s a valuable tool that can help further Palau’s efforts in   combating organized crime as Palau is impacted by the global market of ever growing organized crime affecting the world as well as Palau. (UN Office on Drugs and Crime/PR)

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