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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Women in Aquaculture in the Marshall Islands

by December 16, 2016 Pacific News, Regional News

(PACAM News report)- “At first, I thought it was impossi- ble to do the job. It involves count- ing the fish eggs being hatched in the tanks. But I learned how to do it: we pour some eggs over a net, count them up, and do the math formulas to calculate the number of eggs. Now, I enjoy my work. I pay atten- tion to the tanks and follow all the rules. It can be challenging working with the men. Sometimes, they don’t want to listen to me; but if they’re not following the hatchery rules, the [moi fish] ‘babies’ could get sick and die. Then we’d all be out of a job. I’m learning more about aquacul- ture, and becoming more respon- sible as Aquaculture Technologies of the Marshall Islands (ATMI) grows. There is so much to learn about aquaculture. My six broth- ers are already in the U.S., but right now I am happy to be here in Majuro and have a good job.”We’re sorry. You don't have permission to access this page. Please sign up to have full access to this page.

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