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 Wind Turbine

by June 7, 2016 Did you know?

The natural resources of energy are going to reach extinction very fast. This is a bad news for the world so they think tanks are focusing on those resources to produce energy to meet the needs. One way of producing energy is by using wind.  [restrict] Wind cannot die, it blows everywhere especially in the open plains, this is why wind turbines have been developed to use the wind to get enough power to run the turbines. This method of generating energy is new and still used on small scale production of electricity. This will soon be a major source of power generation in near future. Below are given some facts about wind turbines.

  1. Home Owner Turbine- You can have a turbine at your home, it’s called home owner turbine. This is a small fan attached to the generator which produces energy.
  2. Interference -Wind turbines were not liked because of their scattering of signals but today, they do not interfere in the transmission of signals any more.
  3. The First Windmills- They are not a recent creation. The very first windmills were created in Iran around 200 B.C for power generation.
  4. The Axis- The wind generation turbines can be seen in two different axis either in horizontal axis or in vertical axis.
  5. The Leading Power Generators- USA and Germany are the two leading nations in generation of power from windmills though many other countries produce small scale power from wind.
  6. The Energy States- The two states in USA that are on top charts for producing energy from wind are California and Texas.
  7. The 1 Megawatt Power- The energy we use today is worthy of so much development in the economy we live in. 1 megawatt energy produced by the wind turbines worth 1 million dollars of addition in economic development. This shows how much it is important to be energy sufficient in order to grow economically.
  8. The Environment Cleaner- This natural source of energy is not only economical because it does not need a costly source but it is also good because there cannot be co2 release in the air in the process of power generation.
  9. TYPE OF—!-It is not known to many that the wind energy is actually a form of solar energy. It is the sun that has balanced the wind blowing on earth otherwise we could have either no wind or storms.
  10. Cost- There is virtually onetime cost and all tem gain in the wind power generation. 80 percent of the cost needed is to build a wind turbine. [/restrict]
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