Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Victory Rallies Tour 2 to be launched across Palau

Victory Rallies are coming to many schools and communities all across Palau from January 25th to February 5th.  These rallies are being led by Bro Steve Mapes Tewid who is a former Captain in the Pacific Air Forces and who has a regular Sunday program on Palau Wave Radio.

This is a follow on tour after 11 Victory Rallies were held across Belau last July, these Rallies will have music and powerful motivational speaking from Palauans against Drug Use and for healthy and successful living.  While the rallies last summer were brought directly to many hamlets, these rallies will be conducted in many schools (such as joining the Catholic School Week events), churches, and also the Koror State Assembly Hall.  The Victory Rallies are sponsored by the Council of Chiefs once again, while the CoC has sponsored Bro Steve for many years, it should be noted that last summer all of the Governors approved the rallies by providing locations for the rallies and the Office of the President supplied covered tents and chairs for those rallies held outdoors.  Many of the rallies will have musicians like Beckwin Mechol and the St. Joseph choir to touch the hearts of both youth and adults.  Bro Steve’s motivational speaking will be joined by former Governor Jacob Yangilmau who has a compelling message of gaining victory over addiction.  While the school rallies are for the students and staff, everyone is encouraged to attend and to bring a friend to the rallies outside of the schools.  Bro Steve asks that we all prayerfully join together to continue to take a united stand against drug use.

The current schedule for the rallies is as follows:


1)      GB Harris Elementary FRI. JAN 25TH 1:30PM


2)      Ngiwal Elementary for PEC Youth Conference FRI. JAN 25TH 6:30PM


3)      Koror State Constitution Hall for Ngerbeched Youth SAT JAN 26TH 5:00PM


4)      Belau Family Hour on Palau Wave Radio MON JAN 28TH 7:00 AM


5)      Meyuns Elementary School MON JAN 28TH 8:00AM


6)      Mindszenty High School TUES JAN 29th


7)      SDA Elementary School WED JAN 30th 8:AM


8)      Koror Elementary School FRI FEB 1st 1:15PM


9)      Airai Evangelical Church SUN FEB 3rd 9:15AM


The remaining venues are confirmed but dates are being worked out:


10)   Emmaus High School   10) Sacred Heart / Osiaol  11) Ngarchelong Elementary


Those groups who want to be added to the “Victory Rally 2” tour may contact the Council of Chiefs at 488-3350 or email at (PR)