Wed. May 27th, 2020

TTM holds cooking demo, nutrition education workshop in Ngchesar State

The Taiwan Technical Mission(TTM), together with coordinators of Shin Kong and Show Chwan Hospital and the Bureau of Agriculture (BOA), conducted a cooking demonstration and nutrition Education workshop in Ngchesar on December 14.

SMore than 30 people attended the workshop including Ngchesar State Governor Florencio Adelbai and Angaur State Delegate Mario Gulibert.

Taiwan Ambassador Wallace Chow said that the workshop is in response to the “Year of Good Health” policy declared by President Tommy Remengesau, Jr.

The aim is to raise people’s awareness and knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. Workshops like this are conducted by Taiwan Embassy in partnership with TTM in several states of Palau.

Ambassador Wallace Chow also encouraged the people to consume more local vegetables and produce as this is not only good for their health but also supports local farmers.

Ngchesar State Governor Florencio Adelbai and Angaur State Delegate Mario Gulibert expressed their gratitude to Taiwan for holding this educational event, which enables the people of Ngchesar State to know what foods are best for their family and how to cook them. Delegate Gulibert also invited TTM to hold an event in Angaur State.

Taro chicken soup, Thai basil ground pork and Taiwanese style green salad were demonstrated by nutritionist Ting Chou of TTM using mainly locally-grown ingredients. Taro flour was also introduced in the workshop.

Taiwan Shin Kong Hospital Coordinator Tsai-ling Hsu worked with Show Chwan Hospital Coordinator Eva Chien to provide health checkup services. Blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight measurement were taken and explained on the scene.

Animal Production Project (APP) and Aquaculture Project (AP) were introduced to the participants. People interested in raising pigs, chickens and fishes are welcome to contact the specialists.

This is the 5th Cooking demonstration and nutrition education workshop conducted by the TTM. All states, agencies and organizations interested in cooking demonstration & nutrition education, farming training, animal production, aquaculture or taro processing are welcome to contact TTM at 4886557, 5441012, or call Taiwan Embassy at 4888150 for inquires. (PR)