Sat. Apr 11th, 2020

Tsai reaffirms robust ROC-Palau diplomatic ties

President Tsai Ing-wen reaffirmed Nov. 21 the robust relations between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and diplomatically Palau, adding that she anticipates more opportunities for expanded exchanges with the Pacific island nation. [restrict]

The president made the remarks while receiving a Palauan delegation headed by House of Delegates Speaker Sabino Anastacio. The seven-strong diplomatic mission is in Taiwan on a fact-finding tour Nov. 18-22, and has held meetings with Minister of Foreign Affairs David Tawei Lee and Legislative Yuan President Su Jia-chyuan.

Tsai expressed appreciation for the diplomatic ally’s long-standing support of the nation in the international community, adding that Anastacio has played an important role in strengthening ROC-Palau relations. She also noted that Palau voiced staunch backing for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the U.N. system during the world body’s General Assembly in September.

Palau is a nation that enjoys abundant tourism resources, Tsai said. In an effort to provide greater convenience and facilitate exchanges between the peoples of both countries, the president announced that the number of direct flights between Taiwan and Palau will be increased next year.

According to Tsai, Taiwan has been striving to achieve the targets of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, the 17th of which focuses on revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development. The nation can continue contributing to the international community by working closely with Palau on sustainable development, Tsai said, citing efforts such as the Global Health Forum in Taiwan held Oct. 22-23, which Palau Health Minister Emais Roberts attended to share experiences and expertise.

Since establishing diplomatic relations in 1999, the governments and peoples of the ROC and Palau have enjoyed robust collaboration in areas spanning agriculture, green energy, medical and health care, talent cultivation and tourism, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (KWS-E) [/restrict]