Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

Triple K and Happy Birthday

Kelau, Kayama, and Kendall (aka Triple K) headed the live entertainment for the September 14th Night Market. This was inter-woven with traditional dance performances by Medal Ngediull of Airai State. High-energy Contemporary Dance Performances by the Ngara-Ius Ngatpang State and Airai Youth Dancers also lit up the stage floor for an entertaining evening at Ernguul Central Park.

The Taiwan Embassy was present to serve free local fruits from the Taiwan Technical Mission and Scott Weers featured new designs for Belau Tribe T-shirts. Of the many local night market vendors serving local and international dishes, Side Street Cafe won Best Snack for the Chili-cheese Dynamite.

Night Market regular Adelbairekesoaol Harry Rubasch Fritz was presented with a birthday cake by PVA to celebrate his special day. Adelbairekesoaol is one of many local Rubak who regularly attend the Night Market to meet and mingle with visitors. Tourists were also treated to handicraft demonstrations at the Night Market, including weaving by Ms. Judy Kebekol, Carving Mr. Joseph Lee Mad, and Glass Beads Demonstration by Ms. Vanessa Ngiralmau.

The Night Markets are also a venue for local small businesses to sell and display their local products. On the September 14th Night Market, a total of $9,266.80 was sold by 27 vendors to an estimated 1,521 visitors, 324 of which were tourists. The Independence Night Market will be on Friday, September 28th, which will be followed by a Music Festival and Farmers Market on Saturday, September 29th. For more information, please contact Api or Kate at 488-1930/2793.

PVA is a semi-autonomous body created by law to promote and encourage the development and marketing of tourism as one of the primary economic sectors of the Republic. For more information, please contact PVA at 488-1930/2793 or email (PR)