Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Ton of marijuana seized, burnt by NEA

NEA official in process of burning a ton of marijuana

The Narcotics Enforcement agency seized over a ton of marijuana from Peleliu and burnt all of it away near the Marine Law Enforcement office.

Search and seize operation were held on Friday last week and marijuana was seized from about 20 houses of Peleliu residents.

NEA official said that residents from whom marijuana was seized intended to sell it. He also added that Pelilieu is known to grow marijuana but it is illegal.

Director of NEA Ismail Aguon said that the operation was conducted after several public complaints.

“Because of the increasing public complaints, we are going to continue raids throughout Palau,” Aguon said.

Palau has locally grown marijuana easily available and often minors are found smoking marijuana in isolated locations.

According to the last Island Times report, in 2017 a group of 84 citizens of Anguar state signed a petition requesting the law makers to create a law permitting medical use of marijuana in their state.

When asked if marijuana can be completely legal in Palau with certain age restrictions imposed on consumption, Aguon said, “We cannot make same mistake with marijuana as we did with alcohol.”

There were similar raids conducted last year in the state of Anguar and the collected marijuana was seized and burnt away. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)