The Iron Chef of French Cuisine

The Iron Chef of French Cuisine

  06 Jul 2018

[] Chef Sakai delights VIPs on a special dinner

By Rhealyn C. Pojas

As if the restaurant’s vibe was not posh enough, the Marina Café Vita Restaurant made it even more classy by inviting over world-famous Japanese celebrity chef, Monsieur Hiroyuki Sakai, to delight VIP Guests’ palates.

Monsieur Sakai, who is also known as the Iron Chef of French Cuisine, had prepared different courses of French Cuisine for the special guest during his third visit here in Palau on June 27.

Everything was served with perfection starting from the hors d’œuvre to the main course and down to the dessert.

The renowned chef himself cooked, served, and greeted each of the guests during the dinner party.

In an interview with Monsieur Sakai, he shared that he really likes to come to Palau and he really enjoys his stay here and mingling with the people.

Sakai shared that Palau had always been a special place for him as his wife’s father used to live here and was in fact a postmaster during the Japanese era before the World War 2 broke out.

Since when he visited Palau, he had liked it and he had always been eager to visit again amid his hectic schedules.

Sakai, who is always doing “magic’ in the Kitchen, shared that while staying in Palau, he would like to stay outside the Kitchen and just enjoy the ocean for the rest of his time here.

Chef Sakai, who is also the owner of French restaurant, La Rochelle, was dubbed as the Iron Chef of French Cuisine on the popular cooking battle program, Iron Chef.

He started his culinary career when he was 17 years old and had eventually trained in Osaka, Australia, and Tokyo in the past.





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