Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Taiwan Youth Ambassadors interact with Palauans

Twenty-five Taiwan Youth Ambassadors brought out impressive and fun cultural performances during a 30-minute cultural presentation at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center on August 29.

The Youth Ambassadors are the best students out of around 900 applicants from Taiwan’s different universities who applied for the cultural exchange program, according to Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directory-General on Home Assignment Public Diplomacy Coordination Council Steve C. Hsia.

Out of the 900 Taiwanese student applicants for the program, 75 were chosen who were then divided into three groups. Each group was assigned two countries to visit. The team that visits Palau is also set to visit the Philippines next.

Apart from the cultural performances, the Youth Ambassadors had also visited Palau’s historical sites and interacted with the government officials and students from the Palau High School and the Palau Community College.

The group is also going to have a clean-up drive on one of the beaches in Palau.

According to Hsia, the program could serve as a bridge for the young generations to understand each other and be able to build a strong foundation for future cooperation.

“Everything to them is first time. They tried different food and visit historical sites,” Hsia said.

Taiwan Youth Ambassador Wu-Huei-Yu of the Chung Yuan Christian University also said that they really enjoyed their time interacting with the Palauan students and visiting famous sites in Palau.

“We enjoy it here. The people, the citizen of Palau are very welcoming to Taiwanese people and they are also very kind to us. We only have five days here but we all enjoy it,” Wu-Huei-Yu told the media in an interview.

According to Wu-Huei-Yu, they appreciate their interactions with Palauan students because they were “all trying their best to answer” their inquiries about Palau.

The Youth Ambassadors rocked the stage by presenting role plays, dances, and fun facts about Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Taiwan Youth Ambassador Program in 2009 with an aim of encouraging youth participation in the international affairs and in enhancing mutual understanding between Taiwan and its diplomatic allies and friends. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)