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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Spread Love

by October 25, 2016 Women's Corner

My good friend who took me to Ash Wednesday mass always said, “There is so much goodness in people.  The trick is how one draws it out!” She went on to tell me this story: A guy, we’ll call Mike, was walking down the street murmuring the word, “Stupid”.  He walked past a man he didn’t see standing in the corner while he kept on saying, “Stupid.” The bystander heard him and went crimson red with rage and yelled, “Are you calling me stupid?”  Mike turned and walked slowly toward him and asked, “Is your name Stupid?” LOL… Now who’s stupid? Clearly our responses come from somewhere within us. We’re sorry. You don't have permission to access this page. Please sign up to have full access to this page.

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