Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Simer leads in Aimeliik election for governor; unofficial results 164 absentee ballots received

Unofficial results of the 11th Aimeliik State general election shows candidate Browny Simer with 63 votes lead over incumbent Governor Demei Obak for the governor’s seat after the tabulation on Tuesday.

Counting of absentee ballots is scheduled for Tuesday next week and up until yesterday, a total of 164 absentee ballots out of the 224 that was sent out has been received by the Palau Election Commission.

Tally for legislature’s four (4) At Large seats shows Jeff Eriich leading with 239 votes, followed by Larry Mamis with 228, Scott Weers with 226 and Lucio Obakerbau with 221.  Close fifth is Wridan Ngiralmau with 215 followed by Siriano “Salong” Kailang with 164, Olngellel Mongami with 149 and Herson Ngirairikl with 143.

The chances of upsetting the top four legislature positions is still high due to close gap between number of votes received by the top five vote getters.

For hamlet representatives, three out of five hamlets had unopposed candidates.  Alvin Samsel of Medorm, Leilani Senior of Elechui and Kolas Eriich of Ngerkeai were all unopposed and won their hamlet seats.  Kyle Ongesii leads Ngchemiangel with 49 votes to Jesse Joseph’s 31 votes, a difference of 18 votes. Imul hamlet, Jason Techur Timulch leads with 71 votes over Laiter Dolmers’s 52 votes, a gap of 19 votes.  With over 100 absentee ballots received, change to the current positions of these two hamlets candidates is still a possibility.

With little over 500 total votes cast out of 936 registered voters, only about 56% of registered voters of Aimeliik cast their votes this election.