Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Simer gains governorship, 4 new lators in Aimeliik

Aimeliik State (Google Map)

The name Governor Simer will once again be called at Aimeliik State Government, but this time, a younger Simer, Browny Simer, eldest son of the first governor of Aimeliik State, following his father’s footsteps, will take on the office of governor in December of this year.

Simer won the gubernatorial race by a large majority, leading with 334 to incumbent Governor Demei Obak’s of 276.  The race between the two contenders started later in the year with the two splitting from the same party to compete with each other.

The legislature race saw four new faces in addition to the five incumbent legislators that got re-elected.  Larry Mamis, former representative of Ngchemiangel hamlet, ran at large garnering the highest number of votes, followed by Jeff Eriich who was a legislator-at-large and maintained his seat.  Wridan Ngiralmau who trailed at fourth position after the Palau votes were tallied, picked up votes from absentees to become the 3rd highest vote-getter for at-large seats.  Scott Weers, who ran at 2015 election and lost, finally made it to 4th place and won last seat for at-large legislator.

At hamlet level, Alven Samsel, who is currently in the legislature as at-large representative, ran this time for Medorm hamlet representative and was unopposed.  Ngchemiangel hamlet had two new contenders when Larry Mamis drew his hat into the at-large race.  Kyle Ongesii and Jesse Joseph ran a tight race with Kyle Ongesii winning by slim 5 vote margin over Jesse Joseph. Leilani Senior, currently Elechui hamlet representative, won her seat again unopposed.  Kolas Eriich won Ngerkeai hamlet seat unopposed as well. The seat was previously occupied by Loretta Olkeriil who passed away recently but election was not held to fill in the seat due to close timing to the Aimeliik general election.  Jason Techur Timulch, a 2015 contender for Imul hamlet representative but lost to Laiter Dolmers, made it this time winning over Laiter Dolmers by wide 27 vote margin.

After the Election Commission certification of the governor and legislator-elects, swearing in will be held in the second week of December and the new government will take office.