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Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Senator-elects not in a rush to organize

by November 29, 2016 Top Stories

Agreeing to having a more issue driven 10th Senate

By: L.N. Reklai

Ten senator-elects met yesterday for a meet and greet meeting called by sitting Senate President Camsek E. Chin.

In attendance were Senator Camsek Chin, Senator Rukebai Inabo, Senator Mark Rudimch, Senator Mason N. Whipps, Senator Phillip Reklai, Senator Regis Akitaya, Senator Uduch Sengebau-Senior, senator-elect Dr. Stevenson Kuartei, senator-elect Kerai Mariur and senator-elect John Skebong. Senator-elect and Delegate Frank Kyota was off-island, senator-elect Aric Nakamura was not able to attend due to other meeting and Senator Hokkons Baules said he would not attend. We’re sorry. You don't have permission to access this page. Please sign up to have full access to this page.




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