Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Senate confirmed three Board appointees

Senate confirmed re-appointments of three Presidential nominees to national boards last week during its 8th Special Session.

Mr. Marino Rechesengel, former Director of Tax & Revenue, was re-confirmed to the Board of Directors of the National Development Bank of Palau.

Appointee Benjamin Yobech was also re-confirmed to the Board of Directors of the Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) for the terms of three years.

Mr. Benjamin Adelbai, also an EQPB Board member whose term has recently expired, was re-confirmed for another three-year term on the same Board.

In the same session, Senate passed in third and final reading a bill amending 27 PNC Chapter I, Subchapter IV, Section 179 restricting fishing by non-citizen workers within the water of the Palau.

The bill specified that non-citizens employed as fishermen may fish commercially within the scope of their employment.  Non-citizen residents may fish for non-commercial purposes only while accompanied by at least one Palauan and only by trolling or casting.  Additionally, tourists may also fish while accompanied by licensed tour guide, only by trolling or casting and for catch and release purposes only.

The bill has been sent to the House of Delegates for their action. (L.N. Reklai)