Tue. May 26th, 2020

Senate admits no control over pharmaceuticals


The Senate proposed a bill establishing a policy to control importation, manufacture, sale, distribution and safe use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, Senate bill 10-144.

“Olbiil Era Kelulau …affirms no current control exists” to protect and ensure Palauans have access to quality medications.

The bill finds that there is “increasing incidence of unregulated prescription and prescription drugs” entering Palau.  Furthermore, it states, that Palau is faced with challenges such as global prediction of shortfall in supply of pharmaceuticals, growing counterfeit drug market and as well as growing resistance to bacteria strains that are resistant to effects of antiobiotics.

The bill proposes to 34 PNC to include Chapter 14, the Pharmacy Act, a system that will ensure that all medicinal substance coming into and within the Republic meets safety, quality and efficacy standards.

Minister of Health under this proposed act “shall be responsible for the control of the importation, manufacture, distribution, sale, and safe use of the prescription and non-prescription drugs including psychotropic and narcotic drugs.”

Responsibilities include ensuring imported, manufactured, exported, stocked, sold and distributed medicinal drugs conform to accepted standards, dealt only by duly authorized persons as well as make recommendations to approve importation, recall from the market medicinal drugs and prohibit importation of certain drugs considered detrimental to public health among others.

Minister of Health is tasked with Ministry of Justice to also enforce the Act. (L.N. Reklai)