Rise of social media  impact Pacific media

Rise of social media impact Pacific media

  11 May 2018

Tonga – Widespread use of social media today was one of the main topics addressed at the 5th Pacific Media Summit this week in the Kingdom of Tonga.

With vast oceans bridged by real-time internet speeds and mode of information becomes more accessible and mobile, information dissemination is no longer restricted to traditional media but is open to all with access to social media, acknowledged Pacific media practitioners.

Media around the Pacific is stepping up to embrace the new channels for news using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to get the stories out.  The new mediums provided an opportunity to reach wider audience but also brought with it new concerns.

Members of media from around the Pacific region shared experiences in dealing with new challenges posed by the new platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Fake news, online bullying, online violence against female journalists were some of the concerns that traditional media grapple with today.

Call to embrace the new media whilst maintaining the critical integrity needed to differentiate legitimate media from multitude of information coming from social media resonated in all the discussions.

Each country has their individual challenges but most of the problems raised by the use of social media were experienced by media practitioners within the Pacific.

One of the solutions called for stronger regional media groups, stronger Pacific Media Council and closer collaboration and sharing of solutions amongst the media members in the Pacific. (L.N. Reklai/Reporter)

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