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Restaurant operators charged

by September 9, 2016 Top Stories

By Francis Talasasa

A Chinese couple operating 7 EAT Restaurant at Medalaii in Koror,  have appeared on trial before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Palau on September 7. The two were charged with each count in possession of under sized lobsters and coconut crabs.

Mr. Ying Meng Chen and Mrs. Hui Ping Chen were both charged for buying under sized lobsters and coconut crabs from locals earlier this year for business purpose. [restrict]

The court charged Ying Meng Chen One count in Possession of undersized coconut crabs smaller than 4 inches in across the width of its carapace. The crime was classified as a misdemeanor and as a first conviction he was penalized with a fine not less than two hundred and fifty dollars.

On count two, Hui Ping Yeng was also charged with possession of under sized lobsters smaller than three and one half inches in total length. She was penalized with a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars.

The two received fines for a first conviction. The court warned that upon second or more convictions, they can be penalized with increased fines or may lead up to imprisonment.

Mrs. Chen gave statement to an officer within the division of Fish and Wild Life during the search and said she had previously visited the Fish and Wild Life Center where she received the brochures about the conservation Law.

In a similar case, FC Restaurant manager XIAO FU was also charged with two counts of possession of under sized coconut crabs and one undersized rock lobsters, both were confirmed to be measured at a size of not less than three and half inches.

He was charged with in possession of crabs and lobsters smaller than the legal minimum. [/restrict]




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