Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Remengesau welcomes Hitachiomiya City Mayor

President Tommy E. Remengesau welcomed Hitachiomiya City, Ibaraki Prefecture Mayor Shin-ichiro Mitsugi during a courtesy visit at the President’s Satellite Office in Meyuns, Koror on October 2.

President Remengesau welcomed Mayor Mitsugi and members of his delegation to Palau and also expressed his deep appreciation and sincere gratitude of the City’s strong partnership and unwavering friendship.

During his visit, Mayor Mitsugi announced the donation of two fire trucks and 20 judogi, a traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition that are anticipated to arrive in Palau over the course of the next couple of months.

In recent years, Mayor Mitsugi and the Hitachi Omiya City have donated fire trucks that are currently being utilized in Peleliu, Ngchesar and Ngaraard States to improve response to fire emergencies. Additionally, Mayor Mitsugi have successfully initiated the sponsorship of a training and educational program for young Palauans to study in Japan, providing opportunities for career and personal advancement. He further announced the continuance of the program and seeks to sponsor more students this year.

In addition to educational programs, Hitachiomiya City continues to host pre-games training camps for Palau’s athletes in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to be held in Tokyo.

President Remengesau acknowledged Mayor Mitsugi and Hitachiomiya City’s contributions to the People and Government of Palau, and expressed commitment to continue to foster and nurture the friendship and relationship shared between Palau and Hitachiomiya moving forward. (PR)