Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Remengesau says he will not run for any gov’t position in 2020

Two years ahead of the end of his term, President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. already provided closure that he will not run for any government position in the future before the public could even start speculating about who’s who in the 2020 national elections.

In a press conference on Wednesday, December 26, at the Presidential Office in Meyuns, Remengesau shared his plans of retiring into an ordinary life in the future after his term ends in 2020.

Remengesau said that he would prefer to become a fisherman or a farmer, the kind of life he had always wanted, after his term as President ends.

“I’m not running for any government position in 2020. I intend to hand out my hat and be the fisherman that I’ve always wanted to be or be a farmer,” Remengesau said.

“I’m going to be a productive citizen supporting the government, supporting the citizen, [and] the community but for now, in the next two years, I hope we can work as a country and get a lot of things done for our people,” Remengesau added.

This will be the first time that Remengesau will be taking the time off politics since he became a senator at the age of 28, the youngest to be elected for the post until Aric Nakamura was elected last 2016 at the age of 25.

Remengesau served as senator for two terms from 1984 to 1992 until he was elected as Vice President in 1992 to 2000. He then ran for a presidential post and became Palau’s President from 2001 to 2008. After that, Remengesau surprised the public for running for a senatorial seat again in 2009 after holding the country’s highest post. After his senatorial stint, he ran for the presidential seat again and won and is currently serving out his two remaining years in office. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)