Sat. May 30th, 2020

Remengesau okays grant proposal to upgrade MOJ’s data management system  

President Thomas Remengesau, Jr. approved a grant proposal worth $364,174 for the upgrading of the Ministry of Justice’s data system to enhance network integration in all its departments.

The project, which is now on its phase three, is funded through US Department of Interior’s (DOI) Fiscal Year 2019 Technical Assistance Program.

During the phase two of the project, the MOJ was able to make significant improvements on their computing and data system.

The installation of a new advanced software system enhanced service delivery and operation in all departments, including the Bureau of Public Safety, the Attorney General’s Office and the Bureau of Immigration and Labor.

The phase two of the project also enabled MOJ to procure much needed computers, printers and other electronic devices, improving data collection and information processing.

For the phase three, MOJ seeks to develop and install software that would make information-sharing between all agencies and departments possible, install firewall devices for application delivery controllers and added security levels, and to install a separate server as a back-up for the new software to protect information and data generated.

With Phase III of the project, the Bureau of Immigration and Labor, Bureau of Public Safety and the Attorney General’s Office will be able to share and access information including facial and fingerprint images, visa information, work permits, citations, driver’s license information, incident reports and other critical information for the protection and security of the Republic.

The project is eyed for completion within two years following approval from DOI. (PR)