Remengesau inks Child Care Center regulation bill

  30 Mar 2018

President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. signed into law the Child Care Center Regulation Bill which gives authority to the Palau National Framework on Early Childhood Council (PNFECC) to regulate child care centers in Palau and incentivize retired senior citizens by giving them work through it.

Child Care Center Regulation bill otherwise known as Senate Bill No. 10-30, SD1, HD1 has now become a law (RPPL 10-22) after it was signed by Remengesau yesterday during the national and state leadership meeting at the Olbiil Era Kelulau satellite office. [restrict]

“It is paramount that we regulate daycare services in order to ensure that the quality of care provided to our children meets specific safety and health standards. This includes regulating not only the type of care our children receive, but also who provides that care in the first place,” Remengesau said in his signing statement, expressing his appreciation on the efforts to incentivize retired senior citizens to participate in child care centers by exempting them from the earnings test.

“Retired Palauans are considered the most experienced people among us and we rely on them to help pass down our traditional ways of caring for and nurturing our children,” Remengesau said.

With the bill, Remengesau said that it is a guarantee that the elderlies are able to pass on cultural knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.

Remengesau also noted that he was aware of some of the concerns raised by the Social Security Administration regarding the bill but he emphasized that the impact of the signed bill to the program could not be weighed down by the benefits that the country can get by allowing Palauan retirees to be employed in child care centers.

Through the new law, the PNFECC is given the responsibility to make sure that child care centers in Palau meet the required standards to ensure the safety and health of the children.

The new law requires that licensed child care centers must maintain a minimum personnel-to-child ratios based on the regulation promulgated by the PNFECC.

The PNFECC is also tasked to create separate categories for personnel-to-child ratios in the care of infants, toddlers, preschoolers.

Child care centers that are already in operation when the law takes effect are given six months to comply with the provisions. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)