Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Remengesau appoints Execom members for “Our Oceans” 2020

President Thomas Remengesau, Jr. appointed nine members who will be part of the Our Oceans Conference 2020 executive committee (Execom), a body tasked to prepare the island country and plan for the biggest and most anticipated event here.

Remengesau signed Presidential Executive Order 411 on February 12 which will create the executive committee to be comprised of nine members who will work along with representatives from the President’s office who will serve as Chairman; Ministers of Finance, State, MNRET and MPIIC, Council of Chiefs; Representative of the Governor’s Association; Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and the Chief Executive Officer of Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC).

Since 2014, “Our Oceans” Conference has been held annually, convening government leaders, non-governmental organizations, businesses and individuals – all united by one common goal – to protect our oceans.

By highlighting shared challenges, unique perspectives, and pioneering research, the conference provides a platform for participants to develop solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing our oceans today.

Increasing acidity levels, over-exploited resources, and marine pollution are felt in every corner of the world.  The 2020 “Our Oceans” Conference has the potential to broadcast the work done in this region on a global stage and may impact future possibilities for Palau and its citizens for years to come.

In reacting to his appointment to the Executive Committee, Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, CEO of PICRC stated, “Palau may be a small country, but it is a global pioneer in marine conservation. This conference will provide an excellent platform for this small country to share its big story.   We are honored to be part of this momentous event in Palau’s history and fully committed to the work of the Executive Committee. “

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