Thu. May 28th, 2020

Recheluul leads in Ngchesar election, close race between 9th and 10th places

By: L.N. Reklai

November 24, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Percy Bitoch Recheluul, a new comer to Ngchesar political races, led the recently concluded Ngchesar State General Election with total of 178 votes. He was closely followed by Marcello Ngiraikelau with 168. Governor Duane Hideos did not make the top 9. [restrict]

Ngchesar State is seeking nine (9) out of the total 14 candidates.  The top 9 vote-getters are  Percy Recheluul, Marcello Ngirkelau, Jackson Doktok, N. Todd Ngiramengior, Chubby Mai, Isebong Saito, Florecio Adelbai, Priscilla Siangeldeb and Rebecca Ngirmechaet.

Of the total 577 registered voters, about 60% cast their votes.  Total of 284 was casted at proper and central polling sites and total of 61 were absentees votes (59 requested and 2 walk-ins)

Candidates Priscilla Siangeldeb and Rebecca Ngirmechaet are both at ninth place with 128 votes each.  Closely behind in 10th place is Moses Uludong with only four votes behind at 124. With 61 absentees, these three candidates are can easily see upset in the final count on December 1st when absentees are counted.

Ngchesar State follows a parliamentary system and its State Council made up of elected candidates and five traditional chiefs will elect a governor from one of 9  elected candidates. [/restrict]