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Rain Forests

by June 3, 2016 Did you know?

Forests are one of the nature’s biggest gifts. As soon as their true value is revealing, we are losing them. The forests cutting became speedy after the industrialization because heavy number of trees was cut down to meet the demands. Rainforests are counted as a blessing because they generate much of the world’s oxygen. The sooner their value was recognized the sooner it was recognized that these forests were shrinking. Now, many steps are been taken to stop their shirking. [restrict]

  1. Why call rain forests- Many people do not know the reason for calling them the rain forests. They are thick, dense, warm and wet forests. Due to their warmth and density, they receive heavy rains every year. There contribution to climate is the oxygen generation and rain invitation.
  2. Area covered- The area covered by rain forests before was total of 14 percent of the earth’s area which has now shrunken to 6 percent. Experts say that the last rain forest will be consumed only in 40 years from now if cutting them did not stop.
  3. Loss per second -It is measured that one and half acre of rain forest is cut down every second. Means in one second we lose 1.5 acre of forest due to development and industrial needs.
  4. Value of rain forests- The biggest reason for the shrinking of this treasure is the value that the short sighted governments and companies give to its timber.
  5. Half of world’s species will be destroyed-Experts say that nearly half of the world’s species of plants and microorganisms and animals will be destroyed or will be threatened severely due to the wiping out of the forests.
  6. The Amazonian residents- There used to live 10 million Indian in the Amazonian rain forests5 centuries ago. But due to the cutting down of the forests, there are only 200,000 residents left now.
  7. Medicine men and shamans- Most medicine men and shamans living in the rainforests are above or almost 70 years old. When a medicine man dies, it is as if he has taken a library with him.
  8. Re-plantation- Experts say that if plantation is started for nuts, fruits, and oil and medicine trees in the areas of rain forests, they can give more economic value then the plain timber.
  9. Drugs- There are many plants and trees in rain forests that are used in medicines. These natural drugs are so effective that even In raw form, they are as effective as an expensive drug.
  10. Management- If managed properly and no further cutting down is observed, the forests can be saved from extinction and habitat of half of the world’ plants, animals and microorganisms can be saved. Also the climate of the earth will be saved. [/restrict]
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