Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Race-Hate Machete Killer On The Loose

  • Child Rapist and Racist Killer Amador Osima Was Found Guilty in 2013 Of One Of The Most Gruesome Murders In The History Of The Republic
  •  Osima Escaped Solitary Confinement At Koror Jail Late-Night Saturday
  •  Sentenced To 30 Years After “Evil” Machete Murder Of Filipina Migrant Worker
  • Police Launch Urgent Manhunt With More Than Twenty Officers Assigned
  • Osima Was Also Charged With Sodomising Five-Year Old Boy in 2011.
  • Extremely Dangerous. If Seen Call 911 Immediately.

By Colin C. Cortbus

Convicted murderer Amador Osima dramatically escaped from prison in Koror late on Saturday night.

A police statement noted that “at approximately midnight… inmate Amador Osima was found missing during a head count by DOC Officers. An immediate search was conducted within the jail compound and in the vicinity of Koror jail. At this time, inmate Amador is still at large”.

Bureau of Public Safety Director Aloysius Alonz told that Island Times that a taskforce involving more than 20 officers, including experts from the Narcotics Enforcement Agency, are now working to recapture Osima. Alonz stated that officers are working non-stop 24-hours “in the day, in the evening, in the wee hours until the morning” to locate and arrest the dangerous fugitive.

The Bureau of Public Safety said in an official statement that it “would like to reassure the public that all efforts are taken to ensure swift apprehension of Inmate Amador”.

“Inmate Amador is a 23 years old Palauan male, about 4 feet 8 inches in height and weighing approximately 100 pounds”. Anyone who has seen him or has any concerns or urgent leads is urged to dial 911 immediately. “Every lead will be followed up”, Director Alonz told the Island Times.

On June 28th 2011, Osima committed one of the most gruesome crimes in recent Palauan history; One that later saw him convicted of Second Degree Murder in the first jury trial in the history of the Republic.

According to court records, early on that fateful night in Summer 2011, Osima had been spotted cutting off flower heads in a Koror locality with a machete. Osima had told a Palauan citizen who had criticised him for this conduct that “If you weren`t Palauan, I’d kill you”.  He may also have threatened to kill another person, who may have been a Palauan citizen, but did not follow through on this plan.

After thus having made clear his intention to kill non-Palauan persons, Osima had separately threatened to kill two unrelated Filippino persons. He was apparently only prevented from making true on his threats by circumstances beyond his control, such as passing vehicles in one instance. He had also gone to a locality to deliberately seek out an ostensibly Bengali or Middle Eastern migrant worker, stating to another person that he “wanted to kill” this individual, who happened not to be at that locality at the time. For their safety, the Island Times is not naming any of the persons Osima attempted or threatened to kill.

Eventually, Osimo had come across married Filippino migrant worker Virginia Ventura, who was walking home alone in the Baseball Field area of Koror. Upon seeing Ventura, he brutally attacked her with a Machete, “severing” one of her fingers. Osima left a trail of Ventura`s “blood and personal items”  as he pursued her to a local parking lot, where she was “brutally hacked” by Osimo with the machete. Ventura sustained five separate cuts to her head alone, causing multiple skull fractures. He also inflicted numerous other serious cuts to the rest of her body, including cuts so deep that they left the bone visible. A law enforcement officer who was among the first to arrive on the scene of the attack recounted how Ventura had desperately tried to get up and flee despite her massive injuries. Ventura was not previously known to Osima, and there is no record to suggest she ever had any disputes or even previous interactions with him.

Osima was not charged with any hate-crime charges or bias-crime charge-aggravations at his trial. However, the nationality of Osima’s victim and of many of the other persons he threatened or attempted to kill that night, as well as his aforementioned witnessed comment on the night, very strongly suggests racial hatred playing a role in his decision to brutaly murder of Filipino migrant worker Virginia Ventura.

After Osima was found guilty of Second Degree Murder in 2013, a judge stated that “there are no words to describe the agony and terror Ms. Ventura suffered at the hands of the defendant”. “The nature and circumstances of the offence”, the judge concluded, “are some of the most violent, senseless and gruesome of any in the history of the Republic.”.  “Taking the life of Ms. Ventura because that was the day the defendant wanted to kill a person is an evil act that shows no regard for the value of human life. The defendant is a danger to society”.

As well as imposing a 30-year custodial sentence, the judge “very strongly” recommended that Osima should never be paroled until he has completed a “mental health evaluation to show that he is no longer a danger to society”, among other conditions.

Osima was only aged 17 at the time he committed the murder of Virginia Ventura, but the case was committed to adult rather than juvenile court as Osima was deemed to be “intellectually and emotionally mature”. Osima has been described as someone who was a highly intelligent, if unmotivated high school student.

At the time of committing the murder of Virginia Ventura, Osima had already committed a multitude of crimes. Among other crimes, his rap-sheet featured a string of burglaries, including one targetting the Vice-President’s office. Osima first got into trouble with the law as a young teenager in 2006, for a breaking into and abetting the arson of a Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School.

In January 2011, just six months before murdering Virginia Ventura, Osima was criminally charged with “sodomizing a five year old” child.

Relative Darwin Saisang Kaluu told the Island Times that wanted prison-escapee Amador Osima is previously known to have a habit of hiding out of the roofs of buildings to sleep and avoid attention.

Bureau of Public Safety Director Alloysius Alonz confirmed this information to the Island Times, and also noted the suspect is known from past occasions to have hid out on top of tall trees to evade officers, and may also be sleeping rough in disused cars, pickups, or minibuses.

So, be safe, check your roof, local vegetation and any disused motor vehicles on your premises. And remember: Call 911 immediately in case of any suspicions or indications that convicted killer Osima may recently have been trespassing on your property.