Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

PVA partners with Trip Advisor to create Palau destination page


Palau Visitors Authority in partnership with Trip Advisor conducted a boot camp with members of the private sector on Nov. 20.

The boot camp was part of the PVA/ Trip Advisor partnership to develop and promote Palau tourism. [restrict]

As part of its aim to ramp up digital marketing, PVA forged a partnership with Trip Advisor to create a Palau destination page which will link tourism related businesses in the island nation in order to to promote businesses, manage reviews and drive direct bookings in the country.

Kadoi Ruluked,  PVA’s Operations & Programs Director said the bootcamp was to help businesses or state governments to be equip with the knowledge of using the Trip Advisor or Palau page to promote their businesses or states activities.

“ PVA invested in Trip advisor to create the Palau page, now no one is managing the Palau page. PVA is getting a Palau page and we did the bootcamp because they  are the intergral part of the  page, they are the pillar , the page wont exist and wont go anywhere without them, “ Ruluked stated.

The bootcamp  covered practical tips and step by step tutorials of how to use free tools available on TripAdvisor.

The  bootcamp  was conducted by Gary Cheng, TripAdvisor sales manager for destination marketing organizations, North Asia. [/restrict]