Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

PVA invited community members for Airai State Cultural Tour


Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) on Thursday invited several community members from Ngarchelong and Ngatpang State to experience the progress of PVA’s One Stop Shop program in Airai coined as the Airai State Cultural Tour.

The officials from the Pacific Island Health Officers Association(PIHOA) who were in Palau for their 65th PIHOA Executive Board meeting participated in the PVA initiative as well.

The PVA encourages sustainable tourism within state communities in Palau.

The purpose of this invitation to state members was to encourage the “no plastic” initiative and to uncover methods to unite and involve village community members to directly benefit from tourism.

Sustainable tourism is crucial to advocate in Palau because of its ability to the host people, communities, culture, and customs without compromising the natural environment.

The women of Ngarchelong state are eager to provide an authentic Palauan culinary experience to the tour in Todai and Badrulchay.

Ngarchelong state will soon launch their finalized tour to the PVA One Stop Shop program. (PR)