PRR welcomes new General Manager

PRR welcomes new General Manager

  24 Apr 2018

Palau Royal Resort (PRR) had just welcomed its newly appointed General Manager in a turnover ceremony on April 19, 2018 at the resort grounds.

Outgoing General Manager, Mr. Masayuki “Mike” Kawaguchi, hands over a token of appreciation and a short message to the New PRR General Manager, Mr. Fumihiko Kitakuni.

The grandiose farewell and welcome party also greeted the presence of the Okura Nikko Hotel Management Deputy Director of Operations Overseas Mr. Naohiko Hiyama, the Corporate Executive Officer and Director of Operations and Overseas Operation Management Mr. Robert Takigawa, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Hotel Royal Group Mr. Winston Shen, who all flew across the Pacific from Taiwan and Japan just to witness the said gathering.

The event kicked off with a contemporary Palauan dance performance by PRR staff followed by inspirational speeches from Mr. Shen and Mr. Takigawa, and a He Mele No Lilo Hula (a Hawaiian cultural dance) presentation again by PRR staff.

A compilation of “Thank you, You will be missed and See you again” video messages of the hotel teams and departments was shown during the event which brought tears to Mr. Kawaguchi before he renders his farewell speech.

Kawaguchi happily served PRR for five years and seven moths and is now departing to Japan after working for over 40 years across 12 different properties, including PRR, in the hospitality industry.

With Mr. Kitakuni’s over 30 years of international hotel experience, including his 9 months with PRR as the Assistant General Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing and Director of Rooms Division, he will take on the position by April 23, 2018.

The event concluded with a cake cutting and toast ceremony to commemorate the said event spearheaded by both Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Kitakuni, and a wide range of food items were served to those who attended. (by DJ De Guzman, PRR Sales/PR)