Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

President wants strong youth representation at Our Oceans 2020 

President Tommy E. Remengesau junior is looking at creating an empowering youth representative for Our Oceans 2020 who will be speaking on behalf of Palau to a very particulate audience.

The youth representative will be speaking to an audience consisting of contributors, policy makers, people with initiative and announcement, NGO’s and NPO’s and people who are activist and working toward the betterment of these issues. The conference will cover bases on challenging, funding, partnership and laws of the ocean.

The president said that he wants Palau’s youth to be our voice and to play a role in this Our Oceans 2020 where it will be more focused on their perspective on what they think about climate change and how the ocean will affect them the most.

They will have a chance to immerse themselves in certain topics regarding the six criteria to be addressed at this conference and give their thoughts to these people as a voice for Palau.

The six criteria’s that Our Ocean 2020 will discuss consist of plastic pollution, fisheries sustainability, marine protected areas, sustainable blue economies and lastly climate change.

The youth will have a chance to give an opening remark alongside President Remengesau in the beginning of the conference and will have a chance to sit and listen through discussion so that they can address their thoughts on topics throughout the session depending on the topics they will get into.