Thu. May 28th, 2020

President Remengesau meets up with Palauan students abroad

President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. meets with Palau students in Guam.

Sometimes being away from home, Palauans want to hear of the conditions of their homeland first hand. The meeting between both the President Tommy Remengesau Jr. and the Republic of Palau Student Organization (RPSO) at University of Guam this past week provided Palauan students such opportunity.

President Remengesau, a well-known advocate for the environment, spoke of about the issues being addressed at home such as climate change and the policies to protect the environment, especially the oceans.

“Even though we are a tiny island in Micronesia, ocean wise, we maintain a large area of ocean,” President said.

The students attending the meeting said Remengesau not only expressed the importance of environmental protection, he emphasized his support and belief in the youth of tomorrow. He brought up his support of Carlos Hans Manuel, Palau’s youth that spoke in front of the United Nations about Palau’s oceans.

Moreover he encouraged Palau’s youth to continue their pursuit for education and return back to help their community.

When asked about the meeting, the students had these to say:

“I agree with what he said, I think it’s important to return to Palau and help ensure a sustainable future and serve the community.”

Another student said that “The president gave RPSO advice that could help motivate and inspire them as college students, but especially as Palauan citizens that will represent the youth of Palau.”

And finally one more student added that, “The president is a man with goals and visions in sight, but still considers other people’s opinions. I sum it all up to go out there and learn and experience, however, do not forget your way home.”