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PPUC cuts water rationing to 6 hours

by April 24, 2018 Top Stories

The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) has cut the water rationing for Koror and Airai to six hours after water supply in Ngerimel Dam jumps to 13-foot and 9-inch deep from its previous water level of 10 feet and six inches.

In a public advisory dated April 23, the National Emergency Committee (NEC) has stated that water supply cut off now starts every 11 p.m until 5 a.m.

“Our water conservation efforts with the efficiency and productivity of Ngerikiil Dam have proven positive over the past week with substantial amounts of water being utilized to serve Koror and Airai,” the advisory reads.

NEC Chairperson Raynold Oilouch had begun announcing in an event on April 12 that the Palau’s water supply was already rising up.

Ngerimel Dam, which is one of the two major sources of water supply in Palau, was shut down on April 5 after its water level previously dropped down to 7 feet and 11 inches, hence, prompting authorities to temporarily close it down to allow it to recharge.

With the current situation brought by the reported increase of the water supply, the mandatory water rationing hours still remains.

In spite of the latest development, NEC continues to ask the cooperation of the public in continuing to “use water wisely and for essential use only.” (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)







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