Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Power outage post-midnight to prevent future unscheduled power outage

As per PPUC statement, some areas experienced power outage in the early hours of Friday to prevent future major unscheduled power outages due to faulty hardware.

The outage was because of Power Distribution crews who were making necessary repairs to a pole insulator on the 34.5kv transmission line.

The affected areas were Elechui, Mongami, Imul all the way to Tebadel and to Black Micro, KB Shell Gas Station, Ngesaol, Ngermid, Ngerias, Ngerkesoaol, Sakurakai, Ngerchemai, label, Maker and Dngeronger all the way to Palau High School.

The power was restored to the affected areas after the completion of the necessary work.

In the media release, PPUC apologized for the disruption and has encouraged the public to contact PPUC if there are any queries regarding the power outage. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)