Thu. Oct 24th, 2019

Pound for pound cop? Alleged police officer punches foreign worker over complaint on change

A suspected police officer punching a Bangladeshi worker at a store in Meyuns was caught on CCTV camera around midnight on January 6.

The alleged police officer, who was identified as Douglas (family name is yet to be confirmed) by sources who requested anonymity for fear that the suspect might get back at them, is allegedly a presidential security guard. Island Times tried to confirm from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), a cabinet office that covers presidential security guards, if a certain Douglas with the same title works under the office. The MOJ revealed that there is indeed a Douglas holding the same post but he goes by a different family name than what was shared to Island Times.

Sources, however, said they are positive that the suspect is a presidential security guard since they had been interacting with him many times and he was said to be a regular customer at the store.

The suspect can be seen in the video footage wearing a civilian attire and was seemed to be complaining about something at first, showing his wallet to the cashier. Later on in the video, the suspect would be seen having what appeared to be a confrontation with another store worker that was later confirmed by Island Times to be a Bangladeshi. The video would then reveal the suspect trying to land a fist on the Bangladeshi worker who was trying to evade every punch he threw. He managed to hit the Bangladeshi once in the face. The Bangladeshi did not sustain serious injury from the incident but had allegedly acquired a minor bruise on his face.

Based on the information obtained by Island Times, the alleged cop reportedly bought items from the store that were worth $4 and paid the cashier with a $100 bill and had received his $96 change before leaving the store. An hour after, the suspect came back to the store to complain that his change was short of $20.

An information shared to the Island Times revealed that workers of the store, who had encountered the same instances before, told the suspect that they wanted to check the CCTV video footage first to confirm if his complaint was accurate before giving him the $20 he wanted to get. After finding out from the video that the suspect allegedly received the right amount of change, the workers asserted their claim and this provoked the suspect to anger who claimed that he was not lying. The next few video footage of the incident would then show the suspect acting aggressively and throwing punches to the Bangladeshi worker. He would also be seen picking up store items and throwing them at the worker.

Eyewitness also shared that the suspect seemed to be slightly intoxicated during the incident.

Island Times reached out to Public Safety Director Aloysius Alonz to get a statement on the incident but was told that he had not been informed of such report. Alonz, however, said that his office will be looking into the incident.

The information obtained by Island Times also revealed that the incident was reported to the authorities who immediately responded to the incident. Workers at the store were reportedly promised by responding officers that they are going to come back the following day, January 7, to do further investigation on the case but so far, no such follow-up investigation had been conducted yet, according to our source.

A police blotter sent to the media previously revealed only three incidences recorded on the date when the incident happened but none of it gave enough details that would easily be associated to the incident.

One of the recorded incidents in the blotter, however, stated that around the same time the incident happened, Central received a report that an unknown suspect shattered a glass at a “Bangladesh Store in Meyuns near Meyuns Mart and fled away.”

“The case is currently under investigation for Property Damage and Disorderly Conduct,” the police record stated. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)