Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Police officer draws flak for posting racial slurs against Bangladeshi workers

A police officer was called a ‘racist’ and had been criticized by netizens for throwing racial slurs against Bangladeshi workers in a social media platform.

A screenshot of the post in question was previously shared in a Facebook Forum, Voices from Palau, which was later taken down, but had already garnered several reactions from netizens who criticized the public officer for the act.

Netizens revealed the screenshot of the Facebook post by police officer Jason Brel who narrated how he cussed at a Bangladeshi at HA Store who just happened to greet him, “Ungil suelb e Obekuk (Good afternoon, big brother).”

In the post, the police officer described an unnamed Bangladeshi worker as “the ugly, bekeriamel (having strong bad odor), short f**k*n Bangladesh.”

“I honestly almost died…so I told him ‘f**k you…don’t ever call me obekum you ugly mother***ing Bangladesh…I’m not your brother you iligal s**t…F**k you…,” he said in the post which appeared to be already taken down from his Facebook wall but had already spread like wildfire as netizens already took screenshot of the actual post and had been sharing it on social media.

“F**k all you illegal Bangladesh and your Bangladesh recruiter…You will die like meianmar style, you better go home,” he added in the post.

Screenshot of the police officer’s orginal post that was taken down from his Facebook wall. Editor’s note: Due to some complaints we received from the readers, we decided to censor the cuss words.

Palauan netizens were quick to call out the officer and come to the defense of Bangladeshi worker saying that if the greeting was said to them, they would take it as a sign of respect.

“If someone told me Ungil suelb e Obekuk, I’ll take that as respect and you don’t get that anymore around here but instead he got offended and told him to f**k off,” a netizen commented.

‘MOJ is concerned’

Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Earnest Ongidobel, in an interview, said that the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is ‘concerned’ about the post and said that they do not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Ongidobel said that upon learning of the backlash that the officer received online, they had immediately met with the Public Safety acting director yesterday, November 11.

The BPS alerted the Chief of Patrol who is the immediate supervisor of the officer in question, the Chief of Staff said.

According to Chief of Staff Ongidobel, the officer was asked to retract his post.

“We will continue to discuss this with him [and] talk to him about the possible conflicts of being a police officer posting such racially charged comments,” Ongidobel said.

“The MOJ is not going to tolerate this. We expect our police officers to provide law enforcement and secure and provide safety for all the people in Palau – citizens of Palau, foreign laborers, tourists, and everybody,” he expressed.

The MOJ is already reviewing their regulations or code of conduct for police officers to see what possible legal action can be done against the police officer. Ongidobel added that they are also currently consulting the office of the Attorney General to see what possible sanction can be imposed against him.

“We will update you and the public because there is more to be done to make sure that this does not continue,” the Chief of Staff said. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

Editor’s note: Due to some complaints by our readers, we decided to censor the cuss words quoted in the report.