Police gears up for New Year revelries

  29 Dec 2017

By: Bernadette Carreon

The Palau police are gearing up to tackle the New Year celebrations.

Police Director Aloysius Alonz in a media briefing said that any unlawful activities will be monitored with increased surveillance and police presence in Koror.

Alonz said there are also unmarked vehicles on the streets that are ready to take revelers who will be indulging in drunk-driving, disorderly conduct, use of firecrackers and drugs. [restrict]

He added that drinking driving is a major concern and police would be paying extra attention to stop motorists under the influence of alcohol from hurting themselves or others.

He also said homemade firecrackers have been seized by police as well. He said it’ss against the law to use firecrackers.

He also noted that Christmas celebration was quieter with isolated incidents of drunk driving and disorderly conduct.

He however said police are not taking their chances and will continue to deploy police officers to ensure that everyone will have a safe New Year celebration

Alonz said that residents should also take care of their safety. [/restrict]