PNCC Introduces 50% Discount on Prepaid Internet Cards

  15 Jul 2016

Palau National Communicatins Corporation (PNCC) is pleased to announce that effective July 11, 2016, the rate for Prepaid Internet Cards has been reduced by 50% to only $1.25 per hour, day and night (24/7). [restrict]

PNCC Prepaid Internet Cards now include 4 hours for $5, while $10 cards will last for 8 hours.  Internet Cards can be used at any PNCC Wi-Fi Hotspot located in Koror, Airai, Babeldaob, Peleliu, Kayangel, and Angaur.

Customers can log on to PNCC Wi-Fi Hotspots using either a Prepaid Internet Card or a PalauNet account userID and password (except for the Email-only plan).

For more information, call PNCC at 488-9000.[/restrict]

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