Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

PNCC has a new Chief Executive Officer

The PNCC Head Quarter’s Office in Airai, the PNCC Board of Directors selected Mr. Leo Ben Teriong as the new Chief Executive Officer on May 20, 2019.

After a long and careful review of all the eligible candidates for the position, the Board strongly felt that Mr. Teriong is the right person to become the new Chief Executive Officer.He has been working as Chief Financial Officer for PNCC since April 2004. From April 2017 to May of this year, Mr. Teriong has been serving as Acting Chief Executive Officer while the board was carefully looking for someone to fill that position.

Mr. Leo Ben Teriong received his Bachelor Degree (BBA) in Finance/Economics from University of Guam and Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Armstrong University in California, USA.  Prior to joining the ranks at PNCC, Mr. Teriong served as Vice President of Finance & Administration at Palau Community College.  His tenure with the company, work experience and academic background that coupled with humility and commitment to the corporation, allows him to be the perfect person to lead the company with its 115 dedicated employees into the future. In accepting the position from the Board, Mr. Teriong stated, “I thank the Board for your trust and confidence in me to lead PNCC.

I will commit 100% of my abilities and efforts to meet your expectations and obligations of PNCC to the people of Palau and I ask for full support of the Board and support from every employee of PNCC”.   The Board of Directors expressed confidence that Mr. Teriong’s guidance and leadership provides a positive impact on the company as it continues toward achieving and maintaining high quality service for the Republic of Palau. (PR)