Fri. May 29th, 2020

PMA students attend High School Students Summit 2018 in Japan

Palau Mission Academy (PMA) students who were selected to participate in the Third High School Students Summit on “World Tsunami Awareness Day” held in Japan, returned to Palau with newly gained understanding about disaster preparedness and protection of peoples’ lives during natural disasters. Five PMA students, Mr. Zachery Whipps, Ms. Ailan Flowers, Ms. Moded Surangel, Ms. Ngelmau Polloi and Ms. Mesiich Ngiramolau, were selected as Youth Ambassadors representing Palau.

The Summit that was held in Wakayama Prefecture from October 27-November 2, 2018, brought together 300 high school students from 48 countries and 150 Japanese high school students to share ideas through presentations and workshop discussions. The students also had a chance to visit Japanese local high schools and to interact with Japanese students, where they learned that schools in Japan are often used as evacuation centers and were impressed on how proactive the Japanese students are when it comes to safety and disaster preparedness. During their stay, the students visited some historical sites of Wakayama Prefecture, where most of the sites told a history of past natural disasters through displays and exhibits using advanced technology that helps to spread public awareness on safety precautions and disaster preparedness.

Using what they learnt, PMA students are now planning to be proactive in raising public awareness about natural disasters by doing the following activities; train high school students to do presentations on tsunami and earthquakes to elementary school students; create public service announcement video to share on social media; and to create a school wide poster contest on information about tsunami and earthquakes.

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to support such opportunities for young people from different countries to connect and learn from each other so that they can be enabled to initiate activities that can benefit the people in their communities. For more information about the High School Tsunami Summit or other short term programs to Japan, please visit the Embassy of Japan website (PR)