Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

PICRC gets a new intern

A recent graduate from Palau Community College (PCC), is now an intern in the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Summer Internship Program.

For his internship project, Tristen Isaac will be monitoring small but chronic coral bleaching on the shallow coral reefs in the inner bays of Palau.

Isaac graduated from PCC this past spring where he majored in Environmental/Marine Science. Isaac looks forward to pursuing a career in marine conservation and is excited to be at PICRC to gain experience under the guidance of professional researchers.

This summer, Isaac will be working under the mentorship of PICRC Researcher, Marine Gouezo. So far, Isaac has conducted benthic surveys along 50-meter transects at three different sites within Ngermid Bay and Taoch.

Now, Isaac is using the photos from these surveys to quantify coral cover and bleaching prevalence at these sites. He will be able to compare his data to last year’s dataset collected by a previous PICRC intern.

Isaac is also helping PICRC researchers service seawater temperature loggers at PICRC monitoring sites. Although these bleaching events occur at a small scale, monitoring their prevalence over the years is important as our oceans continue to get warmer. (PR)