Wed. May 27th, 2020

PICRC begins preparation for Arts and Tides Calendar 2020


 “Our ocean wealth extends from coral reefs to the deep blue and beyond”, is PICRC’s 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar theme

 With the release of the 2019 Arts and Tides Calendar last month, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) has started preparation for the 2020 Calendar.  The theme for the 2020 calendar is, “Our ocean wealth extends from coral reefs to the deep blue and beyond”.  This theme was chosen to remind everyone about the vast biodiversity found in the waters surrounding Palau.

Most of us are familiar with our nearshore reefs, the benefits they provide, and the riches found in their waters, but the biodiversity and wealth of our oceans, reach far beyond. Biodiversity is vital to oceans resilience and our deep sea is filled with it. From marine mammals, to sharks, and large pelagic fish, such as yellowfin tuna and blue marlin, Palau’s waters swarm with life that needs protection. Palau is expected to lose 25% of its pelagic fisheries catch potential by 2050 because of climate change alone. The maintenance of healthy marine ecosystems and the protection of all resources is imperative in defending our oceans wealth.

The PICRC Outreach team has started their annual school visits to introduce and discuss the theme for the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar Contest. On Monday December 3rd, Ms. Ines Kintoki and Ms. Anna Parker visited Palau Mission Academy (PMA) for the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar outreach. Additional presentations with different schools are planned for the coming months.

Every year, a calendar theme is chosen to engage students in topics relevant to Palau and to create an appreciation for Palau’s marine environment. PICRC strongly encourages schools and teachers to promote the calendar contest among students. For schools that would like to have a presentation for the 2020 Arts and Tides Calendar Contest theme, please contact Ms. Ines Kintoki at 488-6950 or to schedule a school visit by PICRC outreach team. (PR)