Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

PCS facilitates bird monitoring training

Charmelachull (Palau Flycatcher), Chetitalial (Dusky White-eye), Kiuidukall (Palau Cicadabird), and Chieb – also known as belochel (Micronesian Imperial-pigeon) – these are just a few of the birds spotted during the bird monitoring training facilitated by Palau Conservation Society (PCS) and the Belau National Museum recently.

Ngardmau conservation officers/rangers were able to practice bird monitoring in their own protected area – Medal a Iechad Protected Area. The early morning training used the national bird monitoring protocol and focused on skills such as bird identification and data collection.

According to the Belau National Museum bird monitoring program, the presence of certain birds can serve as an indicator of a healthy forest. As such, building the bird monitoring capacity of local people is critical for protected area management efforts, providing insight for adaptive management. With proper management, a healthy forest can continue to provide important ecosystem services to Palauans— including food, shelter, traditional medicines, clean air and water.

After a long morning, the trainings were deemed a success and rangers even requested a follow-up training at Long Island to further improve their skills. PCS thanks the Belau National Museum and OSCA office for their partnership in protecting Palau’s pristine forest ecosystems. (PR)