Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

PCS conducts another Palau Pledge school visit

By Rhealyn C. Pojas

The Palau Conservation Society (PCS) conducted another school visit on Friday to continuously urge the Palau community, especially the children, to take part in the Palau Pledge.

Pupils from Grades one to four at the Koror Elementary School were educated about the pledge with PCS Education Programs Coordinator Yalap P. Yalap as lecturer. [restrict]

The 45-minute presentation which comprised of a lecture and a short film-showing basically revolved around the connection between tourism and environment conservation.

The Palau Pledge school visits had already been conducted to 11 primary schools here.

Yalap told Island Times that their aim is to make Palauans become an active participant on the campaign especially that tourists here had now also been required to sign the Palau Pledge upon entering the island country.

The Palau Pledge, which is comprised of five stanzas and was drafted by Palauan children during a workshop held last year, was launched on December 7, 2017 and it is stamped on a tourist’s passport upon arrival at the Palau International Airport’s immigration booth where they will be asked to sign it.

The pledge goes this way:

Children of Palau,

I take this pledge,

as your guest,

to preserve and protect

your beautiful and unique

island home.

I vow to tread lightly,

act kindly and

explore mindfully.

I shall not take

What is not given.

I shall not harm

What does not harm me.

The only footprints

I shall leave are those

That will wash away.

Palau is claimed to be the first nation in the world to do this initiative. [/restrict]