Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

PATA New Frontier Forum ended successfully

PATA New Frontier Forum held in Palau last week included special presentations from experts across the region and the world that shared their expertise and knowledge about the evolving tourism industry. [restrict]

The theme of the New Tourism Frontiers Forum 2017”…To Protect, Preserve & Promote brought in the experts to discuss these aspects of tourism and how Palau can utilize the new digital tools to attain its goals.

One of the featured speaker was Mr. Greg Klassen, Partner of Twenty31, a tourism consulting firm in Canada to talk about visitor experience.

Director Bouveau Anastacio , Director of Bureau of Tourism  in her welcoming remarks stated, “Today’s gathering comes at a very opportune time and as a result of the continued relationship that the PVA has solidified with the Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA). It is an important opportunity to network and gain insights to trends and developments in our tourism industry, as we tackle some of our major issues in managing tourism growth and in looking ahead to new opportunities and seek to implement new initiatives.”

She added, “Palau has been a very popular tourist destination for diving, snorkeling and picnics at the rock islands. Today, with our goal of protecting and preserving our destination for future generations, we are looking at diversifying our tourism products and services to be inclusive of all other attractions around the Islands of Palau, more particularly to the Big Island towards the north end of Palau that holds an array of cultural activities for tourism. “

Participants from PATA were able to visit and experience the authentic visitor experiences at Ngardmau State, which included visiting taro patches and learning about their role in Palau society, tasting local cuisine based on what’s produced locally and experiencing natural environment in Palau through a kayaking experience.

“Tourism forums like this foster engagement and learning between industry and government and seeds new ideas and initiatives for growth. From diversifying our tourism products/services, to positioning our tourism industries and upskilling the workforce will aid in sustaining our tourism industry which in turn will enable us to seize new opportunities and create more jobs for Palauans.

Again, these initiatives will only be effective with strong Public Private Partnerships to harness the inclusive effort of all our tourism industry stakeholders,” expressed Director Anastacio.

Palau Visitor’s Authority (PVA) hosted this year’s PATA New Tourism Frontiers Forum 2017—A first of its kind. [/restrict]