Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

PAN practitioners participate in one-week RBM training

Protected Areas Network (PAN) practitioners from different states conducted one-week Results Based Management (RBM) training on September 10-13, to ensure every detail of their operations and services contribute to their desired results.

The RBM training, which is funded by the $150,000 small grants program, is just one of the series of events to be conducted as funded by the same amount.

JeRome Temengiil, Site Manager for Ngaraard State PAN Program and one of the participants of the training, said in an interview that the training helps them open their minds and determine where their problems lie.

According to Temengiil, one of the problems encountered by the PAN practitioners in their job is the communication barrier, explaining further that confusions sometimes arise with the usage of scientific words in communicating from top to below.

Temengiil further added that at the state level, practitioners used day-to-day words.

“I believe that once this is over, there will be greater understanding from us and the PAN [practitioners] from the government,” Temengiil added.

Hatohobei, Ngchesar, Airai, Ngatpang, Ngiwal, Aimeliik, Melekeok, Ngaraard, Kayangel, and Ngardmau states are each represented in the training which is conducted in partnership with the Governor’s Association, Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment (MNRET), and Tourism, and the Palau Conservation Society (PCS). (Rhealyn C. Pojas)