Tue. May 26th, 2020

PAN announces Angaur’s ‘Iuaiu’ management plan

The Protected Areas Network (PAN) announced the launching of Angaur State’s Iuaiu Management Plan.

Angaur Governor Kennosuke Suzuky will work closely with Angaur PAN Coordinator, Andrea Naivana, who will take on the responsibility in overseeing the implementation of its management plan.

The PAN office will work together with Angaur PAN Coordinator to put together a team as well as develop an annual work plan to prioritize and help effectively monitor and manage Angaur’s Iuaiu Conservation Area.

The Iuaiu Marine Conservation Area is located on the southwestern side of the island of Angaur, in the largest shallow reef flat. The area covers about 86% of the total area of this southwestern reef flat area.

The area is home to a large seagrass bed on the shallow reef flat that serves as a nursing ground for an assortment of fish and other marine species. The outer reef slopes on this site also supports a variety of organisms such as the Bump head parrotfish, Napoleon Wrasse, hawksbill turtles, and green turtles that help to maintain its rich ecosystem. Most importantly, the area serves as an important resource for the community as it has provided for the residents in times of need.

The 2020-2024 Iuaiu Marine Conservation Management Plan is the culmination of hard work and effort from the people of Angaur, traditional and elected state leaders, and management planning team with a Vision that states, “We the people of Angaur want to protect and maintain a healthy marine and forest ecosystem that is free of threats to help sustain people’s livelihood and economic prosperity of Angaur State”.

Governor Suzuky desires that the Management Plan “guide our community’s efforts in managing our limited resources and advance our community’s conservation efforts over the coming five years”. The protection and effective management of the area will help build resilience of the wider Network as well as contribute to national, regional, and international goals. Angaur is the 15th state to join the Protected Areas Network. (PR)