Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Palauan medical students in Cuba ask financial aid

Palauan students who are taking medical studies in Havana, Cuba under a full medical scholarship provided by the Cuban government are facing financial challenges, prompting them to ask financial aid from the government.

In a letter dated August 1 which was addressed to Senate President Hokkons Baules, Palau-Cuba Medical Students Representative Terepkul Ngiraingas stated that over the years, they have been struggling to cover their living expenses in Cuba.

The letter also stated that the medical students were “unable to request financial assistance from Palau National Scholarship Board due to certain requirements” which they cannot fulfill.

“We humbly ask for your support in the form of monetary donation or any amount that you may be able to give,” the letter reads.

“This donation will help ease our financial challenges with living expenses, educational materials and activities during our medical school careers as we focus all our efforts to completing medical school with high marks and valuable experiences which will be necessary for our medical practice upon return to Palau,” Ngiraingas expressed. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)