Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Palauan man dies in Guam stabbing incident

Another tragic and violent death was reported this weekend of a Palauan man who was allegedly stabbed by his fellow Palauan housemate in Yigo, Guam during an argument on Saturday.

Brandy Ngiraibai Stephanus, 39, was arraigned on Saturday on charges of murder in the first degree and aggravated assault in the death of Randy Tomei and held on $250,000 dollar cash bail.

According to the police reports, the two were arguing before Stephanus stabbed Tomei with a silver knife.  Stephanus admitted in his statements to the police that he had stabbed Tomei saying “I am the one who did it”.

Stephanus reportedly admitted they were drinking alcohol that morning before they got into arguments about plates of food.  He said went after after Tomei, kicked the screen door and stabbed him.  After he saw the blood, he got scared and threw away the knife and called the police.

Both Brandy Ngiraibai Stephanus and Randy Tomei were recruited and relocated to Guam for better paying jobs and were living together in a housing compound while working in Guam. (By: L.N. Reklai)