Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Palau fell short to Guam for 2017 Micronesian Classic Goodwill Baseball Tournament

Palau fell short to Guam as they took home the glory in the 2017 Micronesian Classic Goodwill Baseball Tournament Championship at Paseo Stadium in Hagåtña on Sunday. [restrict]

After five innings both teams were scoreless until Palau scored in the bottom of the sixth.

But Guam answered right back in the next inning as Shon Muna Jr. scored off a wild pitch to tie it up 1-1. Guam scored again off a wild pitch before a Carl Quintanilla RBI single scored BJ Baladjia to put Guam in the lead at 3-1.

Neither team was able to score in the eighth inning, but Guam racked up another eight

runs to win the game. Congratulations to both teams especially our true Palau champions who were able to make it this far.

Radley Kazuma – Head of Delegation

Tiko Smus – Team Manager

Clint Mersai – Head Coach

Dietz Rengechel – Assitant Coach

Kalei Luii – Team Captain/ Player

Tats Sadang – Player

Merei Ise – Player

Wataru Ise – Player

Mahd Ngiramowai – Player

Golt Oyama – Player

Idesiar Moses – Player

Vince Stark – Player

John Re Sakurai  – Player

Ray Rumong – Player

Mitch Mamis – Player

Avery Amos – Player

David Salapwa – Player

Mesikt Elbuchel – Player

Reese Remarui – Player

Teiich Mirsur – Player

Skang Andres – Scorer/Batboy

Palau Baseball Team extends our most sincere appreciation to our families and friends in Palau for your support and also our families and friends in Guam for your support and being with us since day one. [/restrict]

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